Michael Anywar is passionate about working with vulnerable children, young people and families.

Michael Anywar is a highly effective, dedicated community mobiliser and advocate of social justice. Michael Anywar has played a leadership role  in kiryandongo refugee settlement in Uganda where Michael coordinated the efforts  and oversee the operation of  St Bakhita refugee community-based school between 2010-2015,  It's was due to the primary effort of Michael Anywar, the charitable corporation schools for refugees.org was formed in the Unite State of America to raise funds to support the effort of the refugees in Kiryandongo to provide quality education to refugees children.

Michael Anywar served in different capacity while in the refugee settlement , advocating on behalf of the refugees parents and students to the Uganda government representatives  and NGO's operating the refugee settlement to  lobby for funding to provide better education to refugee children. Through the effort of  Michael Anywar, more classroom buildings were added in St Bakhita school, enrolment increased from 300 to 825 students.

Michael Anywar  also served  as the  volunteer of Magwi development agency Australia Inc, Michael travelled to South Sudan and  aided  the construction of Father Leopold Anywar college in Magwi county South Sudan. Michael  Anywar assisted to managed the  fund of the organisation  and  supervised  the recruitment of the teachers. Currently, in Australia, Michael Anywar is working in the welfare sector, Michael holds  Bachelor of community mental health, alcohol and other drugs from Chisholm Institute, and graduate certificate in family violence prevention from Monash University Victoria. Michael Anywar is passionate about researching  and working out solutions  to social issues affecting the wellbeing and  functioning of  families.

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